Yes or No to using VPN for Gambling?

When it comes to online gambling, there’s always some trend or software available to ease convenience or improve gameplay. A VPN or virtual private network has grown in popularity in recent years for online gambling. People can now pay a monthly fee to use a VPN which will block their IP when they gamble online. There are pros and cons to using a VPN and, in this post, we’re going to highlight just a few in case you’re new to VPNs.

Play from anywhere

The most obvious advantage to using a VPN is that you are not restricted based on your location. A VPN hides your true location so it allows people the chance to play at online casinos that they may not usually have access to. This is fantastic for some people, particularly if you’re in a place where regulations on gambling are tight or you’re forbidden by law to play e.g., a casino Malaysia.

Play anonymously

Another perk to using VPNs is the anonymity it affords people. In an age where data is always being collected on us, the VPN protects us and our data as very limited information is transported. As such, it lets us gamble online without divulging key information about ourselves e.g., personal details and location. This is arguably the number one reason why people prefer to use VPNs; they don’t want casino platforms accessing sensitive information about them which may be used for marketing or shared with other 3rd parties.

Risk of being banned

It’s not all rosy with VPNs though. By using a VPN you risk being banned from an online casino. Most casinos online prohibit the use of VPNs. They are conscious that some gamblers try to take advantage of welcome bonuses and continuously use VPNs to scam the casino out of multiple bonuses. IF you do this, you risk having your account banned and funds confiscated.

As you can see, it’s not an easy decision to use a VPN or not. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. We suggest you conduct research before using a VPN for online gambling in the future.

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