Do You Know How To Check-Raise Like A High Stakes Poker Pro?

While playing poker games online, you need to learn quite a bit of trick so that you can be successful in winning the game. While playing on the PokerBaazi website, you must be having your flush poker hands and in case you will not check-raise me, then there will be only 2 possibilities when I will bet:

  1. You will withdraw and I will win the pot
  2. You will call and take your card out of position

Therefore, you end up folding away your entire equity or giving me a chance to realize all of my equity. Both of these choices will not be beneficial to you. Further, it will get worse if I become aware that you will not check-raise, so I can easily exploit you with several value bets and also bluff you.

Players having a well-structured strategy for check-raising in their post-flop arsenal will always be very difficult to beat. In case I need to take care of your tendencies of aggressive check-raising then, I should think at least twice before opening my cards, if you have given a  very high bet on your blind.

Let’s, therefore, discuss a few things in this post about a certain poker probability.

  • Range considerations

First of all, you need to consider how the range of each player can interact with any cards on the flop. You must try to avoid check-raising particularly on flops, which favours your opponent player, and also attack boards that is going to favour your range too.

Remember the UTG pre-flop aggressor will have stronger hands in their range as compared to any big blind, and that offers UTG a few advantages to go into the flop. A typical big blind, however, has hands to defend and the UTG opener will never play any hands like 43s or 97s.

The presence of such hands in the range of big blind leads to many advantages on a few board textures, but usually, most boards will favor any pre-flop aggressor in position.

  • C-bet frequencies and sizes

The c-bet size and frequency of your opponent can impact a lot on what your check-raise range must appear to be.

In case your opponent c-bets you relatively infrequently, then respond by conservatively check-raising. In case your opponent often c-bets or uses any small c-bet size, then check-raise with your wider-than-usual range.

  • Having a well-balanced strategy for check-raising

You must have your check-raising strategy that is well-balanced and also the correct ratio of your value bets to bluffs so that you remain unexploitable, particularly against tough competition.

Let’s take an extreme example:

Suppose a big blind player will only check-raise with his strong value hands. This player will open up to exploit in multiple ways:

  • Any in-position player will make hero folds confidently whenever he will get check-raised and will continue with his strongest hands only.
  • In case the big blind will check-call, the in-position player will try to barrel the turn and will river at a higher frequency

If you want that you should not to be exploited like this, you must focus on balancing your range of check-raise by using your value bets and also bluffs.

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