AsikBola: a network of online gambling

It is an Indonesian originated site which is popular for its vast network of gambling site. As we all know that the gambling culture is very popular in this country and people from all over the world bet their money on these sites. In this country, there is no official casino and that’s why people like this idea of online casino games. Apart from Indonesia, countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, and many more countries are famous for these kinds of online gambling and betting.

One of the famous online gambling sites in Indonesia is Asikbola. In this site, you can a lot of trusted and genuine online casino sites which give you high chances of winning jackpot prize and have a high winning ratio. Here are some online casino sites you will find under this network:

  • Liga FC
  • 50sites
  • Enzibet
  • Sensibet
  • Upbola

It is assumed that these sites are licensed and trustworthy enough to get your money. These sites do not take registration fees and make sure that you have a nice experience on their site.

Registration process

You can register yourself on any of these sites if you’re above 18and if your documents are genuine. To register yourself, contact the customer service or the dealer of the site, and then they will mail you a link in which you need to fill out your information. In that link, there is a form of registration with columns like your name, age, contact no, address, nationality, etc.

After that, you need to give your identity proof like a picture of your legal driving license or residential card or anything. After that, they will verify the information and after verification, they will give you your demo username and password which can be used to log in with the site. You can change your username and password anytime.

Varieties of games

On these sites, you can find varieties of games that attract a lot of customers and give them a fair chance of winning jackpot prizes. The games are very creative and well animated and make the audience feel like they are playing at a live casino. Some varieties of online casino games are:

  • Slot machine
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette 12
  • Live card games
  • Monkey quest

The games are well tested by the officials to ensure that it is genuine and make with the motive of entertainment and not to thug people. An online casino site goes through many tests to get certified.

The withdrawal processes

To transfer your game credits into your bank account, you need to contact the dealer first. Then you have to give your bank details to the customer service which they will verify. After verification, they can ask for your permission for the transfer. Then your transfer will be initiated. Don’t worry, all your bank details will be safe and secure with the site as they use advanced software for the protection of the customers’ identity.

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