3 Major tricks for playing dragon tiger casino game

What you can say about the dragon tiger game is that, it is closer to the Baccarat and the Casino war. For the betting system, it follows that of the baccarat and has the casino war basis. It is played using two cards only with each dealt on dragon or tiger spot. It is a simple game in gambling. It is a popular game in Asia and it was invented in Cambodia.

The following are some of the tricks you can use while playing dragon tiger online:

The best option to go for is to bet on either tiger or dragon

If you are the type of player who wants to play the game without the use of strategies or the counting of cards, then the best option is to stick to the tiger and dragon bets. These are the bets which have a house edge of 3.73%, which is the lowest on this particular game. You need to bet if you think that the tiger hand or the dragon hand will have a high ranking card. There are also the bets which pay more.

If you want to count cards, then live dragon tiger might be the way to go

The game’s simplicity and the fact that there is very little cards which are dealt by each deal makes it an easy game to count the cards, keeping track of how many big or small cards have already been dealt. The most important thing is to keep track of the 7s which have been deal since no matter the bet you make, if a seven gets drawn, you automatically lose the bet.

Use the strategy of suit-based

It is okay to say that dragon tiger is a game that the greater factor is luck, and it is something which is true, but it does not mean that it is the only way that you can strategically play the game. The best way to keep track is watching which suits have been dealt more, implying that, the best bet for such a strategy is the suit bet.

An example has to calculate the number of suit cards which are in play and the number of decks which have been utilized. In case your estimates show that after a while the clubs suits has been played the least, then the best option you will have is to bet on the clubs.

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